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Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

FNH: I’ve Been seening this truck running around San Antonio for  few years thought Id stop the guy – Funny thing, alot of customers say “Man I didn’t think these guys were a gonna do what you say… at this price? Well?… that will work for me!!!… ” Mr. DuRousseau: We are a family and I treat my customers this way… (As I Interview Mr DuRousseau) What is more important? You, me and my guys are a family. I make a little money and you get a great service and you keep a few id for that price”.  FNH: How does your service stand out? Mr. DuRousseau: (With a smile) Southern Hospitality “Its a good thing…” I enjoy helping people and my guys happy get a paycheck. I could give you a polished answer but I think the truth is best. Don’t you? FNH: True… What do you enjoy about the work you do? Mr. DuRousseau: Detail work ethic at a value; based on hard work and due diligence to my customers. It is also my belief in the moral benefit of my work and my ability to enhance good trustworthy impressions of comfort to my customers relationship with my service. I go into the delivery of no excuses just a result of satisfying my clients and customers. Some are extremely happy others want a little more but for my service no one can beat it… FNHHow did you get started doing this type of work? Mr. DuRousseau:I started IGAT transportation because I had a few friends that where having a hard time finding a job. I work as a real estate agent primarily and I didn’t know what type of company would be cool to get into. Well I was at a bar one night and siting outside with a few friends chatting on these ideas. Along came this beautiful you lady asking aloud do you know anyone with a truck that could move here stuff. In response to her question all these guys said “I got a truck!!!”… Aha moment!. So I did some research and found that it was a niche service that no one was doing. Well their where some guys on craigslist but know one was offering a formal service for these small moves slash delivery. So I came into it by creating a brand that eventually every one can use and others can benefit from as well independent drivers with their own truck and regulate the service for the customer. FNH: Ok Wow!! FNHWhat types of customers have you worked with? Mr. DuRousseau: Mostly people that doesnt have a truck or many single moms or women. Man I pick up anything that will fit in the back of my truck n trailer. Sofas, TV’s, Fridges, furniture of all types, construction Items, Retail store deliveries, Estate sale items, Ect.. Im sure you get the Idea. Now I also offer services such a debris removal, garage clean outs, Trash out apartment homes, make ready a home for move-ins. I have a website, … FNH: Kinda Catchy… Mr DuRousseau: Yeah it is went to google and a guy had the name in Cali, IGotatruck I was like dang it… so in the right mind? I Got one truck is what I got lol… FNHWhat education and/or training do you have that relates to your work? Mr.DuRousseau: Well… I frequent the department of transportation for some of their safety classes. Classes such as how to drive at night, loading and unloading goods safely, Safety services has provided me with safety classes for my employees…. Controlling a flat with a load it just goes on and on these classes…

FNH: Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take? Mr. DuRousseau: Well this weekend was kinda crazy… I had a double fridge removal and installation it was crazy cause I didn’t remember to ask the clients name (Sighs) So my helper (Manni) and myself muscles the mega fridges and it was a little longer than usual but we got the job done and here’s a picture of her. Sorry but she was so nice… We do our best to satisfy customers and as long as I’ve been in the service industry (real estate sales Ect,…); you would think I would remember her name or the customers name. It happens you know? FNH: I guess so…20160911_101821 FNH: We Will put her Pic On the site maybe she call you back. Mr. DuRousseau: Thanks well I got a safety class to get to Thank for the support to all my customers out there… FNH: Be safeReplies jumping back into his truck “YOU TO BROTHA!!!”

Great Bones!!!

Some times you can find a small old home and see a bunch of junk to clutter or cause you to change your mind. It can be due to a financial commitment or just the plan old hard work you have to do to make your dream come true. Now the real thing about a good home to start with are the bones. bottom to the put your shoulder to the wall and look for deformations (Walls, floors – Bring a big ball, moister – in wet areas look for that water damage. Get someone to go into those spooky dark areas and take plenty of pictures)  Call your roofers call your plumbers call your electricians to estimate a total cost. The term “CODE” will pop up a lot. So get the best testament of previous customers. (damn online!!! Hmmmm… ok) Get out there!!! So go check out the guys or companies prior work earlier the better.  Get the reference online and ask them if you can see a cost they quoted or repairs completed. (help me out man) See where he lives check his back ground its your money baby protect it…

Now that is outta the way; lets talk a bout them Bones… Did you know most home built in the early 60’s and below 50’s, 40’s, & 30’s ; where typically a Sears and Roebuck kit home? Back then you could just order it and bam!!!!1f3951aeec379f4d9faecd2c3d9eaf4c They could sell you the prints or drop off the whole thing  Bundle of wood. Then the Family would either build it or they would contract a builder to do it. Now you will know good bones by the wood lets talk about wood. Now you wouldn’t use Balsa wood to build your house it would crush under its own weight. In the 30’s they loved red oaks for strength and cedar (to keep bugs away)20160217_191002

Im sure you will run across at or in these time periods “Shiplap” now Shiplap is a type of wooden board used commonly in the construction of barns, sheds, outbuildings and inexpensive or seasonal homes. It is either rough-sawn 1″ or milled 3/4″ pine or similarly inexpensive wood between 3″ and 10″ wide with a 3/8″ – 1/2″ rabbet on opposite sides of each end.[1] The rabbet allows the boards to overlap in this area. The profile of each board partially overlaps that of the board next to it creating a channel that gives shadow line effects, provides excellent weather protection and allows for dimensional movement. providing additional strengths to the homes built in this time period. This wood get cover either by plaster and a little chicken wire and Ive run into news paper mud or plastered walls from the early 30’s typical of the small bungalow or starter homes. You will get like two houses of wood outta these homes; PLEASE DONT just remove and discard (trow away) the shiplap unless the wood is black. No Good (SMH) if its black there is a leak if red smells like your granny’s house keep it…  Awww its strong and will be there for another 50 years Now “Thats Good bones…”2016-01-16 11.26.25

Make sure it square and prepare for some good old elbow grease type of work. Hot sweat equity and your dream of a small fitting your own personality home will be born from your mind and your wallet… Cheers Hard work